To create products we wish existed!

We provide the highest quality Konjac products to the world!

Shirataki and Konnyaku have been consumed for more than 1200 years in Japan and they have been one of the major traditional Japanese foods. They have been called “cleanser of intestinal” or “bloom of intestinal” and they have been well-known for their health benefits especially their intestinal cleaning properties for centuries in Japan. In the past, Buddhist monks encouraged people to eat them as they knew the health benefits of Konnyaku and Shirataki from their experience. Recently Shirataki and Konnyaku have attracted increasing attention from the most health conscious, who value their extremely low carbohydrate and calorie content as well as being gluten free.

With 90 years of experience in manufacturing Shirataki, we provide quality and innovative products without parallel to the highest quality (FSSC 22000 standards). We aim to develop products which will please customers, especially the most health conscious. Our wide range of products will satisfy diverse requirements and we continue to work on the development of our range of high quality products.

San Syokuhin has been achieving the production of items using Shirataki which used to be considered impossible. We will continue to develop our unique products as well as supporting the needs and well-being of our customers around the world.

Why is our Shirataki so special?

Because we have following unique products:

  • Odourless, traditionally Shirataki has a rather strong aroma
  • Superior texture
  • More easily absorbs flavours of sauces than traditional Shirataki
  • Long shelf life
  • Premium additive-free and organic versions are also available
  • A wide range of products to satisfy diverse requirements